MINER ANALYTICS & DASHBOARDS: Leveraging Analytics to Optimize Strategic Decision-Making

In support of Missouri S&T's 2020 Strategic Plan--Rising to the Challenge--Miner Analytics and Dashboards has been created.  This best-in-class strategic initiative meets the campus' need to build analytics capacity for strategic decision making.  The Miner Analytics and Dashboards is an interactive Business Intelligence (BI) and Decision Support (DS) system that allows you to slice and dice trend data and benchmark instutitional metrics across mission areas. 

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 Mine a Dashboard

  • Degrees Awarded
  • Retention & Graduation Rates
  • DFW Rates
  • Time to BS
  • Time to PhD
  • Student Mobility
  • Student Achievement Measure
  • ROI
  • NSSE
  • Gen Ed Assessment
  • MFT Assessment
  • Graduate Student Experience Survey
  • ABET
  • HLC

Photo of LajubutuAs we look ahead to 2020, the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) is building on a foundation of tradition and core values (Lifelong Success, Creativity, Integrity, Sustainability, Partnerships, and Inclusion), and on the unique prospects facing us today.  With the creation of Miner Analytics and Dashboards we leap from good to great IR reporting building our analytics capacity, raising visibility, ensuring return on investment, and fostering innovation and creativity to take Missouri S&T into the next decade as a thriving learning environment.

Our strategy for success is delivery of business value and analytics to leverage strategic decision making.  We do this with the belief that the creation of the strongest learning environment is one that promotes and encourages data-informed decisions, that invests in the excellence of individuals, that respects diverse voices and experiences, that nurtures a sense of responsibility, that inspires us to seek economic and environmental sustainability, and that develops the potential in our students and alumni to succeed in an ever-changing global community.

I strongly encourage you to spend some time mining Missouri S&T analytics and dashboards for data-informed decisions for your program, department and university.

We've been getting out and sharing our knowledge lately. Staff members have been presenting at conferences and various campus groups, discussing our research and ideas as well as sharing how the Miner Analytics and Dashboards evolved with the power to optimize decision-making.

University Strategy Statement

Missouri S&T will provide, by 2020, a top return on investment among public research universities to students, employers, research partners and donors through extraordinary access to renowned expertise, services and experiential learning opportunities. 


Office of Institutional Research and Assessment Strategy Statement

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment will create a robust business intelligence reporting system by 2015 and a holistic culture of assessment and quality improvement by 2018 through visual exploration, data mining and institutional effectiveness resulting in continuous academic program improvement and return on investment by 2020.

Power to Mine even on the go.

No more "I'll get back to you on that." Now you can get data and insights wherever you are.  Never miss a data beat.  

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